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    The development history of stainless steel

    2014/8/7 Viewers:

      The Chinese nation is the earliest iron smelting steel country in the world, our ancestors as far back as three thousand years ago have some iron smelting, steelmaking, casting and heat treatment craft of the 1700 years earlier than Europe, to the world civilization and made important contribution to human progress.

       Steel for the modernization of industrial and agricultural production, transportation, national defense and people's life, has become the most basic, the most important material. At present, although all kinds of new type of inorganic materials and organic synthetic materials have got great development. But from the production cost, are widely used performance measures, such as they are far from instead of steel. So the iron and steel production capacity is still one measure of a country's national strength important symbol. Iron and steel materials are so widely used because iron ore deposits concentrated, large storage capacity, more economic, mining, smelting steel semi-finished products cold and hot deformation ability. Manufactured with excellent mechanical properties (strength, plasticity and impact resistant ability) and processing performance (cutting, welding, cold deformation, etc.). But with silicate materials, polymer composite materials and compared some non-ferrous metals, its biggest drawback is: in the atmosphere, or under the condition of acid, alkali, salt and other medium, easy to weightlessness loss due to corrosion, and even destroyed.